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DCP Fire Extinguishing Agent

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The dry chemical powder is made with ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, taking the most advanced fully automatic production equipment and scientific process formula, produced with a fully silicided moisture-proof procedure. Huahao ABC dry chemical powder with the characteristic of good fluidity and anti-caking performance. ABC dry powder is twice more effective when compared to foam agent for same class A fires. and it doesn't frost as compared to the water-based extinguishing agent. What's more, the dry chemical powder is good for liquid fires and hot surfaces as it forms a layer/ barrier and prevents reignition.

DCP Fire Extinguishing Agent


DCP fire extinguishing agent (ABC dry chemical powder for fire extinguisher)is developed by automatic equipment and scientific process formula after full siliconization and moisture-proof treatment. DCP powder is mono ammonium phosphate-based dry chemical containing chemical additives can be used to put out solid, liquid, gas and electrical appliance etc. 

DCP(dry chemical powder) is available in hand portable and wheeled extinguishers, large stationary units, mobile units and various fixed nozzle piped systems.

Product Details:

Mono ammonium phosphate content(%)40%~90%±2.0
Ammonium sulfate content (%)As customer require
ColorAs customer require
Bulk density (g/ml)0.88±0.07
Moisture content %<0.25
Particle size distribution(%)>40um45±8.0
Anti-caking425um sieve without agglomeration
Electrical insulation(kv)≥5.0

Packaging, transportation and storage:
1. 20kg/woven bag, 1000kg/woven bag, 25kg/carton are available. 
2. Don't stack too high during transportation, avoid rain and prevent moisture and packaging damage.

3. It should be stored in a ventilated and dry place to avoid exposure to sunlight or moisture.

Photos (Product appearance, workshop, production process or packaging):

Fire Extinguishing agent

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