• How long is the validity of the dry chemical powder?

    Generally speaking, the validity period of a dry powder fire extinguisher is within 10-12 years, while the shelf life of dry chemical powder is 3 years on condition that it is stored at ambient temperature in the original packing, and away from direct sunlight and moisture or water contamination. Therefore, the dry powder needs to be replaced regularly, especially when caking and moisture are found.

  • Why is the unit price of dry chemical extinguishing powder so different?

    There are different types of dry chemical extinguishing powder, the price is mainly depending on the main constituents and the content of the main components.

  • How to use the dry powder fire extinguisher?

    1) Before the fire extinguisher is used, it must be checked whether the pressure is effective. 2) Swing the fire extinguisher vigorously up and down several times. 3) Pull out the safety pin, hold the handle with one hand and the nozzle with the other hand, quickly go to the fire point about 1.5 meters away, aim at the root of the flame, and press the handle switch firmly until the fire extinguishing agent is sprayed. 4) Strike forward from far, near, left, and right to extinguish the fire. 5) Once the fire is extinguished, immediately loosen the handle and stop spraying the fire extinguishing agent.

  • How to preserve and store ABC dry powder?

    Keep container tightly closed. Store in the cool, dry, ventilated area.

  • What is the packaging of the extinguisher agent?

    We have 4 kinds of common packagings, such as 25kg woven bag, 25kg carton, 20kg pail, and 1000kg bag. At the same time, the packaging bag can be customized according to customer requirements

  • What should I pay attention when using the protable ABC fire extinguisher?

    A. Portable dry powder fire extinguishers must be used upright. B. After the pin is unplugged, it is forbidden to face the nozzle to prevent injury. C. When extinguishing a fire, the operator must be in the upwind direction. D. Pay attention to control the effective distance and use time of the fire extinguishing point.

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