• ABC90 Dry Chemical Powder With UL Listed
  • ABC90 Dry Chemical Powder With UL Listed
  • ABC90 Dry Chemical Powder With UL Listed
  • ABC90 Dry Chemical Powder With UL Listed
  • ABC90 Dry Chemical Powder With UL Listed
  • ABC90 Dry Chemical Powder With UL Listed
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ABC90 Dry Chemical Powder With UL Listed

  • 1,500 TONS PER MONTH
Yanghao has UL Certificate for ABC dry chemical powder, type ABC90. The effective fire suppression component of ABC90 reaches MAP 90%, which can extinguish fires quickly and efficiently. The monthly productivity can reach 1,500 tons, and the products are sold to Qatar, India, UAE, Singapore, Indonesia and other places.

ABC Dry Chemical Powder With UL Listed For Fire Extinguisher


UL ABC90 fire extinguishing agent(synonyms: ABC dry powder) is a monoammonium phosphate based fire extinguishing agent. It's a kind of dry, easy to flow fine powder which can extinguish class A, class B, and class C fire. UL ABC90 fire extinguishing agent has the characteristics of fast fire extinguishing speed, high fire extinguishing efficiency, good insulation performance and long storage period

UL ABC90 dry powder is developed by automatic equipment and scientific rocess formula after full siliconization and moisture-proof treatment. UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories, a global safety science company, the largest and oldest independent testing laboratory in the United States. A product with UL certificate means it has undergone rigorous testing by Underwriter Laboratories.

UL Listed is a tier of UL approval for stand-alone componemts that have undergone rigorous testing by Underwriter Laboratories. UL Listed means the product: Meets nationally recognized standards for sustainability and safety.

To receive a UL listed certification, products must meet specific safety and sustainability standards. A UL listing is the fire protection proof you need.

ABC Dry Powder

Product Details

Item Requirement
Monoammonium phosphate content% 90±3
Silicon Dioxide content% 9±3
  Poly(methylhydrosiloxane)  content% 1±0.5
Bulk density (g/ml) 0.89±0.07
Particle size distribution >140 10.17±4.0
>200 12.94±4.0
>270 14.475±6.0
Base 62.415±8.0
Water repellency Maximum 2% MAP retained

Light Yellow

Packaging, transportation and storage

1. 25kg/woven bag, 1000kg/ton bag, 25kg/carton are available. 

2. Do not stack too high during transportation, avoid rain, and prevent moisture and packaging damage.

3. It should be stored in a ventilated and dry place to avoid exposure to sunlight or moisture.



UL ABC90 fire extinguishing agent

Factory Outlet


ABC Dry Powder


Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A1:We are both a manufacturer and a trading company. We have our own factory

Q2: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A2 We have a professional and experienced R&D team which can provide
clients with high quality customized products.

Q3: Where is your factory? Can I visit it?
A3 Sure. Our factory is in the Second Industrial Development Zone of Weidi Town, Luoding Cty
Guangdong. China

Q4:About Price and Sample?
A4:The price depends on the quantity of your order. We can send you samples

Q5:What's the payment term ?
A5.We accept LC, T/T, etc.

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