• ABC Dry Chemical Extinguishing Powder 40%
  • ABC Dry Chemical Extinguishing Powder 40%
  • ABC Dry Chemical Extinguishing Powder 40%
  • ABC Dry Chemical Extinguishing Powder 40%
  • ABC Dry Chemical Extinguishing Powder 40%
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ABC Dry Chemical Extinguishing Powder 40%

  • 2,000 TONS PER MONTH
ABC 40 is a general-purpose dry chemical powder with good efficiency and performance in fires of class A, B, C and E. YANGHAO ABC 40 has EN615 certificate. It is a mixture of highly efficient mono-ammonium phosphate ground to selected particle sizes and made resistant to influences of climatic extremes by means of flow promoting and moisture repellent additives.

ABC Dry Chemical Extinguishing Powder 40%


ABC40 dry powder is developed by automatic equipment and scientific process formula after full siliconization and moisture-proof treatment. ABC40 fire extinguishing agent is 40%mono ammonium phosphate-based dry chemical containing chemical additives which is the only one of the dry chemical agents that provides Class A fire suppression.  

ABC dry powder(also DCP dry powder)is available in hand portable and wheeled extinguishers, large stationary units, mobile units and various fixed nozzle piped systems.

YANGHAO ABC40 dry powder has EN615 certification, stable quality and good fire extinguishing effect.



Product Details

Mono ammonium phosphate content(%)40±2.0
Ammonium sulfate content(%)As customer require
ColorAs customer require
Bulk density (g/ml)0.88±0.07
Moisture content %<0.25
Particle size distribution(%)>40um45±8.0
Anti-caking425um sieve without agglomeration
Electrical insulation(kv)≥5.0

Packaging, transportation and storage

1. 20kg/woven bag, 1000kg/woven bag, 25kg/carton are available. 
2. Do not stack too high during transportation, avoid rain, and prevent moisture and packaging damage.

3. It should be stored in a ventilated and dry place to avoid exposure to sunlight or moisture.

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A1:We are both a manufacturer and a trading company. We have our own factory

Q2: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A2 We have a professional and experienced R&D team which can provide
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Q3: Where is your factory? Can I visit it?
A3 Sure. Our factory is in the Second Industrial Development Zone of Weidi Town, Luoding Cty
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Q4:About Price and Sample?
A4:The price depends on the quantity of your order. We can send you samples

Q5:What's the payment term ?
A5.We accept LC, T/T, etc.

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