Production Process for the dry chemiacal powder

We choose high quality mono-ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate, silicate and so on as raw materials. And carry out strict quality testing on these raw materials to ensure that they meet production standards and avoid the use of raw materials containing impurities or unqualified. In the production process, we mix the raw materials according to the precise formula ratio to ensure the uniform distribution of various ingredients to achieve the best fire extinguishing effect. It also passes through the screening and granulation process to ensure that the particle size distribution of the dry powder extinguishing agent is uniform and meets the requirements of the standard. Finally, by adjusting the production process parameters, the loose density of dry powder extinguishing agent is controlled, so that it is easy to flow and has a certain packing density, which is easy to store and transport. 

During the entire production process and before the finished product leaves the factory, we conduct quality inspection to ensure that each batch of products meets the quality requirements. We will also continue to optimize the production process and formulation according to market feedback and user needs to improve the performance and quality of dry powder fire extinguishing agents.


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