Can ABC Dry Chemical Powder be used in confined spaces?


ABC dry chemical powder can be used in confined Spaces, but the following points need to be noted:

1.Control spray direction: When using ABC dry powder fire extinguishers in enclosed Spaces, pay attention to control the spray direction to avoid breathing difficulties caused by the spread of fire extinguishing agent.

2.Pay attention to ventilation: Because the ABC dry powder fire extinguisher will produce a certain amount of dust during the fire extinguishing process, if it is used in a confined space for a long time, it may have an impact on human health. Therefore, after using the fire extinguisher, the doors and Windows should be opened as soon as possible to ventilate and ensure air circulation.

3.Avoid overuse: Excessive use of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers in confined Spaces may lead to hypoxia, causing suffocation accidents. Therefore, when using ABC dry powder fire extinguishers in confined Spaces, attention should also be paid to controlling the amount of use to avoid overuse.

In short, although ABC dry powder can be used in confined Spaces, it is necessary to pay attention to the above points to ensure safety and effectiveness during use. At the same time, in the fire extinguishing process, it is also necessary to choose the appropriate fire extinguishing methods and tools according to the size of the fire and the specific situation.

ABC dry powder fire extinguishers

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